Duotone Kiteboarding 2020 Gear is HERE!

Posted on January 28 2020

Upgrade your gear this year with the most durable, efficient, and tested kites around. Pair these wind harnessing designs with the click bar for more power/depower control!

The Evo is THE leading all round kite. The greatest freeride formula today. With 3-Struts, a huge wind range, superior stability, precise power delivery and responsive handling, the Evo is fun and versatile from waveriding to freestyle.

Kites are essential but lets talk about what'll be under your feet the whole time you're flying the darn things! Think your old twin tip or surfboard you had laying around is still good for this year? Well, lets get you on something that will grip harder and feel better when you're landing those back rolls or wafting through a turn. You'll need something like the new Duotone Jaime 2020:

The Jaime offers many great features for softer landings, comfortability in choppy conditions, a sportier/responsive ride, and provides a medium level of flex suitable for all riders. The double diffuser bottom offers amazing grip and comfort plus incredible durability. The Jaime is best paired with the 2020 Duotone Entity Ergo Footpads for better comfort, control, and hold! 

Got questions or need help finding the right gear for you? Call our experts at (206)545-9463 or swing by the shop! 


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