12m Duotone Dice SLS 2023

$1,320.00 $2,200.00



The Dice SLS gets a performance boost fit for a 911 on a racetrack! Designed for the advanced kiters looking to maximize every session, the kite delivers across a wide range of disciplines. The SLS construction reduces the overall weight of the kite by up to 15% compared to regular constructions and creates a stiffer airframe that offers the most precise handling.

The jumping capabilities have been dialed up to deliver extremely powerful lift on take-off and a massive hang time. The bar feeling is extremely direct, and the turning speed of the new kite is unrivaled, always giving you all the feedback you can desire and total control. Kite loops are powerful, and you can dial in the type of loop you want to do. This kite is the weapon of choice for riders looking to get radical with their kite loop progression.

The reduced weight also improves the unhooked capabilities as the kite can hang in the air for longer while you perform the latest freestyle tricks. In the waves, the improved response will allow you to thread lines through the trickiest of sections and smash the biggest craves, whilst steering the kite actively. Riders will be blown away by the performance enhancements on the new Dice SLS, delivering across a range of disciplines to a world-class level. It’s the one kite quiver killer for the advanced rider to get the most out of every session.





  • Size: 12 m
  • Windrange: 11-24 kts
  • Weight: 3.01 kg
  • Rec. Line Length: 24 m

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