Duotone Entity Ergo Footpads 2020

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The NEW 2020 Duotone Entity Ergo Footpads are the best in class for comfort and performance with a hold you've never felt and options that you'll always be able to customize to your liking. 

With optimal pressure distribution within the economic EVA pad & toe padding, the Entity Ergo footpads from Duotone are guaranteed comfort and stability that you'll need to better your riding in 2020.

Straps will tightly bound your feet to the board in any conditions you'll be riding in and won't put too much pressure on those nerves, preventing any possible fatigue and pain you might have felt before. The adjustable heelpads help reduce pressure on the heel/rest of the body, preventing knee, back, and long-term foot pain. 

If you need a high performance board to pair these killer pads with then look no further than the Duotone Jaime or Select, available in various sizes! 

Get yours at Urban Surf and share your kiteboarding adventures on Social Media at #urbansurfNW!

CONSTRUCTION: High quality velcro and mounts

ADJUSTABILITY: Ultimate 4 way straps +

MOUNTS TO: Duotone / North Slider track or standard inserts


FEATURES: Dual density footpads | Reinforced velcro

BEST FOR: Twintip Kiteboards

SIZING: To find the best fitting size of your Entity Ergo, measure from the top of the midfoot (bottom of foot), between the 2nd and 3rd toe, to the end of the heel. 



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