Super Comp Double Swivel

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The Pro-Lite 5.5' Super Comp Double Swivel Surfboard Leash. The 5'5 Super Comp surfboard leashes are designed for smaller waves. With a 5mm cord thickness you'll hardly notice this leash is there. Features include double stainless swivels to keep the leash spinning smoothly and a recessed horn to reduce the pull on your ankle. Worried about somebody watching you hide your key in the rocks? Stash it in the hidden ankle cuff key pocket.


Designed for small wave surf.

.20 diameter thickness. (5mm)

Super lightweight extra tough urethane.

Finished neoprene ankle cuff for maximum comfort.

Stainless Steel Double swivel.

Custom Pro-Lite mold with super flexible ends to reduce pull.

Recessed horn to further reduce pull.

Detachable rail saver.

Key pocket on ankle cuff.

Two year warranty

Leash comes with keychain carabiner pictured

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