Onewheel Pint Electric Board


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Small! Light! Nimble! The NEW Onewheel Pint is the board youve been waiting for to take EVERYWHERE with you from grocery shopping to road trips, work to school, you name it! Containing all the goods of the Onewheel Plus but with a different look, style, size, and weight, the Pint is everything you've ever dreamed of, turning every outing into the best time of your life!

Performance and practicality are two major components in differentiating this board to its cousins, at 27 inches long traveling 6-8 miles on a single charge and reaching a top speed of 16 MPH you'll turn your every day boring commutes and travels into an adrenaline rushing, gnar shredding good time!





MOTOR: Hypercore, in Hub

BATTERY: Lithium, under back foot

FRAME: Aluminum

TIRE: Go Cart racing slick

LIGHTS: Color changing LED

CONTROL: Tilt board forward or back

CHARGING: 20-40 minutes

RANGE: 6-8 miles


MODES: iPhone app changes modes



Colors Vary*

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