LiB Tech Yacht Sea - 5'0"


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5'0" Yacht Sea - Surfy Pocket Slash Blaster!

The Yachtsea is a fast surfy round tail shape that fits perfectly into the pocket for an easy trim. The smooth round tail allows aggressive carving and unbelievable control. A flat rocker and mellow concave and dynamic “up rail” entry to hard edge exit, make the Yachtsea fast, agile and catch free.

Lib Tech’s rugged construction gives you pure surf feel without the constant ding worry.


SPECS: 5'0" X 21.75" X 1.85" 24 liters

LAYUP: Magnesium / Basalt | EPS/ EPOXY

FINS: 5 not included FCS compatable.

BEST FOR: wakesurfing



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