Blackfish AC213 Fin

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Blackfish AC213 Fin

Course Racing

The Blackfish AC213 fin has been developed in collaboration with Amandine Chazot to excel at course racing and Battle of the Paddle style races where manoeuvrability and buoy turns are key to a solid race.

"Even after hundreds of trainings and races with my Blackfish Paddles, I am still impressed with the weight, the feeling of the blade in the water and the quality of this gear! It was therefore natural for me to support Blackfish in developing new products as good as their paddles. On the ocean, I love to let my board to just go, glide from bumps to bumps without any resistance. That’s why I have developed a special fin for that with Blackfish. High enough to bring stability to the board, but pretty thin to be smooth on the bumps. Furthermore, this fin is also my favourite one on flat water. Low drag, really low resistance, hyper light, if you know how to paddle straight, this is the best fin ever on flatwater too. And the last advantage, but not least, this fin is made in bio resin as all the Blackfish Paddles range.” - Amandine Chazot

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