Tips to make your wetsuit last longer

Posted on June 27 2024

Depending on your suit of choice you most likely want it to last as long as possible. Here at Urban Surf we have a couple tips and tricks to help you achieve that goal.

No matter what you’re using your suit for, its better to be safe than sorry when it comes to damaging it.

Tip #1

To prevent scratches, avoid using your fingernails when putting the suit on.

If damage does occur it’s important to assess before it gets worse. Any tear variation on a wetsuit’s raw neoprene can cause the wetsuit to become less effective.  Depending on the depth or size of the tear it may create another entry point for water. Especially here in the pacific northwest, we have quite a few elements working against us.

Gear Aid Wetsuit Care & Repair Products at Wetsuit Wearhouse

At Urban Surf we have a variety of Gear Aid products that are perfect for the job:

-Contact Cement

-Repair Adhesive

-Neoprene Patch

Here’s an example of these products in use. One of our rental wetsuits was returned with a few fingernails rips along the back of the suit. We used Gear Aid Neoprene Contact Cement to fill the gaps and seal the wetsuit back up. Giving back the life it once had.


Another important thing to be aware of is storing your wetsuit and the drying process after use. The following tip will tell you how to prevent mold and distortion of the wetsuits fit.

Tip #2

Properly drying your suit in the shade on a hanger that hangs the suit from the waist rather than the shoulders can prevent UV damage and stretching of the suit.

While here in Seattle, we may only see the sun ever so often its still very important to take the UV into account.

UV Rays have been known to cause neoprene to stiffen and lose its stretch. However, drying it in the shade rather than bunched up in the trunk also helps prevent wetsuit mildew, since it is more able to dry evenly instead of having trapped moisture.

At Urban Surf carry a product that provides the ideal wetsuit drying rack. It has space for the suit to hang from the waist, it even has space for gloves, a hood, and booties.It even has a cool name! Its called the C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger.


Finally, whether your suit has a stench or simply could use a good wash it is important to know how to properly clean your wetsuit.

Tip #3

Over time the elements tend to destroy the neoprene. Chemicals from sunscreen, salt water and bacteria all slowly work to degrade the neoprene. Rinsing your suit after every use with cold fresh water can help combat most elements working against you. However, the wetsuit stench can be inevitable.

There is an environmentally friendly Wetsuit Shampoo that gently washes the rest of bacteria off the suit and even adds a bit of a fresh smell to the suit.

We also carry an Odor Eliminator version of this product that conquers the worst of the worst smelling wetsuits with ease.



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