Stewart Surfboards Ripster now at Urban Surf!

Posted on October 30 2018

STEWART SURFBOARDS' RIPSTER - a combo of the 1960's style Tipster and the well rounded Redline 11 models.

The Ripster takes the general outline and rocker template from the Redline 11, and steals the rails from the high performance RPM. The wider tail (with extra tail rocker) and single fin is imported from the Tipster. 

Simply put: the Ripster will allow traditional cross-step noseriding to combine with new school cutbacks and off the lips. Get your's at Urban Surf now available in a 9'0" and a 9'4" for big bruddah's.



Stewart Surfboards are tested, shaped, covered in amazing art, and glassed in San Clemente California USA by real surfers. 


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