Onewheel and Electric Skateboards at Urban Surf

Posted on April 19 2019


If you're new to the electric board market or looking to upgrade, you found the right place! Urban Surf carries a healthy supply of Onewheel's, Boosted Boards, and Ex-Way Electric Skateboards in store and online! 



Onewheel Plus and XR's are both in stock and ready for you to rip around the streets and parks of Seattle! Grab a Onewheel Plus in store for a sale price of $1299 or check out the bigger battery on the Onewheel XR for $1799! Lightweight and smaller Onewheel Pint's are coming soon!


Exway X1 electric skateboard urban surf seattle


For that traditional skateboard feel, Urban Surf has a few great options for you as well! For a great affordable price on electric skateboards, check out the Exway X1 on sale for just $599! For a step up in speed and distance, browse the upgraded Exway X1 Pro for the sale price of $999. 



Last but definitely not least, the most hi-tech electric skateboards on the market from Boosted Boards! Starting at $999 you can treat yourself to a sweet, stable, and fast ride with a kicktail for those quick turns on the Boosted Mini X. For that classic longboard feel with more speed and battery life, check out the good lookin' Boosted Stealth at $1599! 

Grab a Onewheel or Electric Skateboard from Urban Surf and share your adventures with us on social media at #urbansurfNW!


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