NEW Slingshot Half Straps are in!

Posted on October 10 2018

If you are hard on your gear and maybe broke your old Slingshot Half Staps don't worry - the NEW SLINGSHOT HALF STRAPS have arrived at Urban Surf. 

A thickened ridge has been added to the perimeter of the molded ABS plastic inner portion making them at least one million times as strong as the original Half Straps. 

Use Half Straps on directional kiteboards like kite surfboards and kite foilboards. Half Straps make Foil Water Starts way easier are a great alternative to the (sketchy) front-strap-only setup.

Simply wedge the outer portion of both feet against the Half Straps to position your board to start or to pull huge airs. 

For a tighter fit, add the HALF STRAP SHIM KIT  for more downward angle. 

Grab a pair at Urban Surf and share your Kiteboarding and Foilboarding adventures on Social Media at #urbansurfNW!



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