NEW! Red Paddle Co. 2019 Inflatable Paddleboards!

Posted on April 03 2019


Spring is officially here! and with the spring season Urban Surf is excited to show you our new line of 2019 inflatable standup paddle boards from the top iSUP company in the world, Red Paddle Co! Never been on an iSUP before or hesitant because someone told you they might be unstable or not durable enough? Well hold up just a minute cause we got some teaching and preaching to do! 



Red Paddle Co. makes some of the strongest, most durable, stable, and best performing iSUPs thanks to progressing technologies that they've gone above and beyond to perfect. To start off, they use new MSL Fusion process to drop stitch their materials together. MSL fusion is exclusive to Red Paddle Co. and began with them removing the useless and redundant process of coating the inner thread section with molten PVC. Instead, they began coating the thread structure in a layer of adhesive formulated to create both a seal and a bonding layer. The next step is to machine laminate a layer of high density structural PVC to the adhesive layer under controlled conditions. Their machines are specifically calibrated to create these consistent and high level cosmetic finished boards that look great, weight less without having to sacrifice performance, remain stiff at lower inflations, and remain as durable as possible. 



In 2019, we've stocked some of Red Paddle Co's best of the best boards! For beginners, families, yogi's, surfers, or anyone else looking for a nice stable paddle on the water take a look at the 9'8" Ride, 10'6" Ride, or the most stable of them all, the 10'8" Ride! Want a board strictly for surfing the best waves around the world? Check out the 8'10" Whip!



Looking for a touring board with fantastic speed, glide, and flow? Check out the Sport family where we offer the 11' Sport, 11'3" Sport, and biggest and baddest of them all, the 12'6" Sport! If you want something that might have a little less stability but make up for in speed, check out the new 12'6" Elite



One of the boards we are most amped to get into your hands has to be the all new 9'6" Compact. This board has the stability, performance, strength, and awesomeness of any other Red Paddle Co. board but also weighs less and packs down into the smallest pack you've seen! Take it hiking, fishing, traveling, in the backseat, it will fit anywhere you want and will be ready for you to get out on the water in minutes!



Want something bigger? More stable? Great for exploring vast bodies of water? The Voyager family is the best for more weight and longer explorations! Take a gander at the this years 12'6" Voyager and 13'2" Voyager! If those aren't big enough for you check out the 15' Tandem! A board you can take more than just 1 or 2 people out on and have a whole party on the water!



Before you go! If you already own a Red Paddle Co. iSUP and are looking for accessories and attachments look here! Urban Surf now carries the new Red Deck Dry Bag, Red SUP Board Jacket, and more!

Get your new 2019 Red Paddle Co. gear at Urban Surf and share your paddling adventures on Social Media at #urbansurfNW!




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