BRAND NEW! Lib Tech Funnelator. IN STORE NOW!

Posted on March 26 2019

RELEASE! The all new Funnelator, an ultra high performace groveller from Washington's very own Lib Technologies. Fast, loose, and with a sweet new look Lib Tech took our breath away with the release of this beast. Looking for a new summer board? Something that will paddle into waves easily and thrown you down the line/into turns no problem? Well look no further cause the Funnelator will do you GOOD. Need some verification? Well here's what Lib Tech has to say about their new creation: 

"Ultra speedy groveler meets high performance shortboard. A unique double V bottom contour “Compression Flow Accelerator Technology” funnels water from a deep concave into a narrowing double V creating a jet propulsion effect and unbelievable speed. Thinned out and increased tail rocker curves at the rail set up mind warping, tight radius power turns and agile quickness in the pocket. All this built into fuller plan shape and with straight rail lines add even more glide and speed in small or softer waves. The Funnelator makes you a faster more precise surfer... what could be more fun than surfing better than you ever have!"

We recommend trying it out with the incredibly fast and loose Libtech Twin + Trailer fin set!

DEMO this and other LiB Surfboards for $35/day rental - one rental applies towards purchase of new LiB Tech surfboard from Urban Surf!

Get yours at Urban Surf and share your surfing adventures on Social Media at #urbansurfNW!


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