Posted on April 18 2019


Lets hit the water! With warmer, brighter weather just around the corner, we are continuing to bring in a plethora of standup paddle boards so that we can find your perfect SUP! This week, we're excited to reveal this years line of S.I.C. boards in stock and on the floor at Urban Surf. 

In addition to making some of the best touring, racing, downwind, and cruising boards around, S.I.C. has proven to be a favorite both here in Seattle as well as around the world. Winning countless races and the 2018 SUP Connect Brand of the Year, S.I.C. is holding down the fort for SUP technology in the past, present, and future. Let us show you how with some of the boards in our store!



The board that does it all. Take your child, dog, cooler, whatever you cant leave behind, just place it right there on your S.I.C. 2019 Tao Fit and you'll still be gliding across the water without falling in! If you're looking for something super STABLE and DURABLE this is the board for you, hands down. The Tao's hybrid hull will give you a smooth/stable paddle on the water as well as a flat deck, making it great for yoga, fishing, or just cruising! 




Pictured above is the 2019 S.I.C. Bullet 14' x 27.25" in TWC construction. Proving itself with awards as the best downwind board around, the Bullet in the tough wood carbon (TWC) construction is the most durable, economic, and highly capable standup paddle downwinder on the market. It offers additional rocker and volume to fit into wave troughs and maneuver its way around in a quick but stable setting. You'll find more glide and stability in the Bullet than its competitors due to this precise amount of rocker and volume, making it harder to pearl and easier to stay dry as well as stay ahead of everyone else. 



Short for “Rocket Ship,” the RS Series is proving to be one of fastest all-water race boards in the world. S.I.C. has remained at the top of the leaderboards in the racing division with the 2019 RS 14' available in both 26" and 24.5" wide. In 2018, the RS won Race Board of the Year as well as several races and top finishes around the world. 

S.I.C. Okeanos 15' x 28"


Want to enter the world of race boards but still need that extra stability? The 2019 S.I.C. Okeanos has got you covered. At 14' x 28" the Okeanos is great for anyone looking for that perfect fitness, touring, and voyaging board to stay dry but glide across the water with speed and great tracking. An added wide point in the front section provides more stability as well as the squared up rails and extra tail width in the back. Sleek, fast, and stable!

With so many different options to choose from you might find it easiest to stop by Urban Surf at 2100 N. Northlake Way in Seattle, Washington and talk to some of our most knowledgable sales staff to find the perfect S.I.C. board for you! Come on by or call us at (206) 545-9463 for any questions or orders!


SIC standup paddle board


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