USED 10m Duotone Neo SLS 2021

$650.00 $1,809.00


Used well but in good condition, 3 repairs total.


The DUOTONE NEO SLS: the world’s most decorated wave kite, now has the Strong Light Superior treatment! SLS incorporates new materials and technologies across the Duotone range to create an even better performing product.

The NEO is a high-performance purebred wave-riding kite with incredible handling and excellent drifting capabilities that can also perform for freeriding and foiling.

Now more durable, yet up to 15% lighter construction, due to new material mix and Penta TX.

Combined with the revolutionary Click Bar, you get a huge depower throw and the ability to dump all the power from the kite in an instant.

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SHAPE: Delta Hybrid



LINES: 4 or 5

FEATURE: Adjustable Front Bridal

BEST FOR: Wave Riding | Freeriding | Foiling

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