NSP HIT Cruiser 2024 - Sizes Vary


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HIT Cruiser

The Cruiser HIT is ideal for paddlers wanting an all-around, family-friendly durable paddleboard. We used the new and ultra-durable High-Impact Technology (H.I.T.) to create a new recreational shape. What we built is a more durable and easy-to-use paddleboard for heavy-duty use.

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
10'2" 32" 4.875" 205.4 Liters 13.22 Kg
11'2" 32.5" 4.875" 226 Liters 14.49 Kg


  • All Cruisers (10’2″, 11’2″) are designed with stability, glide and easy turning in mind.
  • 10’2″ comes with a single 8″ nylon dolphin fin, the 11’2″ has a 9″ version.
  • Volume is evenly distributed through the standing area while the wide round nose and tail really help with a stable standing position.
  • The tail section of the Cruiser SUPs benefits from a concave Vee-bottom that makes turning even easier.
  • A standing guide on the deckpad helps first-timers find their ideal standing position.

Construction of the Cruiser HIT

HIT board construction uses eco-friendly SecureCell EPS cores that get fully wrapped in military-grade fiberglass. Once laminated with epoxy resin, the board is capped with extremely tough “bullet skin” (styrene-acrylonitrile), increasing longevity and impact resistance.

Additional reinforcement of the rail bands protects HIT boards from paddle impact and general knocks. HIT construction also features a deck with premium thermoformed EVA over the entire length of the board. Delivering the ultimate in comfort and a ledge handle for easy carrying.

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