FCS II Connect 9" Longboard Fin - Soft Flex



The FCS II CONNECT in SOFT FLEX construction is a great all around and affordable longboard and SUP fin that will give and bend to shallow waters/obstacles. Great for those near shallow reef, sand, or river surfing/paddling! 

Use the tool-less Connect fin in a variety of funboards longboards standup and prone paddleboards in varying conditions. This is a "Soft Flex" fin which means it is NOT stiff and has a good amount of flex and bend to it. 

No plate and screw is required, so you can install or remove your fin in seconds - see video below!

Get one at Urban Surf and share your longboarding moves on Social Media at #urbansurfNW!

SOFT FLEX: Soft Flex fins are molded using highly flexible urethane. For this reason they’re safe, and are ideal for beginners as they gain confidence in the water.


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