Duotone Click Bar 2024 - Sizes Vary




The flagship control system from Duotone gives you the ultimate way to trim your kite without moving your hand from the bar itself. Years ago, it revolutionized the kite industry, and now, it’s upgraded again to make it even better with the new Iron Heart VI Click-In Safety System and FLITE99 lines. Available as a medium with a 49cm bar and 22m lines with 2m extensions.




  • Iron Heart VI Click-in Safety System: The new iron heart VI features a simple click-in safety system including an optical control function that allows you to reconnect the chicken loop as easily as you clip in your seat belt plus being able to check the green marking, to ensure the system is closed properly.
  • Precise Back Line Trim: The click bar has been designed to give you total control over the trim of the kite - no more pulling and hoping; trim it in precise increments!
  • Flite99 Lines: The new flite99 lines from robline reduce the drag through the air and offer a more direct steering response.
  • Minimalistic Pigtails: The new pigtails have reduced sleeving to only where it is needed. This reduces the weight and the drag through the air at a critical connection point to the kite.
  • V distributor III: The new v distributor III can be adjusted easily, allowing you to set the front line to split quickly. It can also be removed entirely, very easily, so you can have a very low v; this makes the click bar compatible with most kites on the market.
  • 4 or 5 lines: If you have a 5th line kite or want to ride your duotone kites that are compatible with 5th lines, then there is an upgrade kite allowing you to ride with a 5th line.

The chicken loops (SOLD SEPARATELY) come in four different options: Freeride Kit | Freestyle Kit | Rope Harness Kit | Wakestyle Kit.

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