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The Duotone Click bar 2022 is one of the most high end kitesurf bars on the market. The depower on the bar is not only super easy but also super safe. If your depower slips, you always go to full depower instead of full power, which is the case with all other depower systems. The depower works with a button on the side of the Click Bar which you press for depower. Winding the side of the bar, powers your kite again. In addition, the click depower system on the Duotone Click Bar 2022 is a blessing for the smaller kite surfers among us because you can always easily reach your depower. You can also adjust the Duotone Click bar 2022 in any way so that it can also fly it on kites from other brands. The Y split and the pigtails, can be adjusted: "one bar fits all!"

Duotone"s new 2022 Click bar has had the biggest upgrade in years. This year the Duotone Click bar has new FLITE99 lines. These lines are made of super strong SK99 dyneema in combination with a Monofil. The new FLITE99 lines on the Click Bar 2022 are 12% stronger, are 15% stiffer and have 6.5% less resistance compared to the old Duotone lines. Really a big improvement! The Monofil is a thin colored line that runs through the SK99 line and ensures that the FLITE99 lines are less likely to kink. Kinking your lines can already cause a reduction in the breaking strength, thanks to the Monofil your lines will stay in good condition over a longer time.
The other upgrade of the Duotone Click Bar 2022 is the grip color and the grip pattern. The grip color now differs more clearly for left and right. The left is also made red, which is the standard for all sailing sports. The new grip pattern ensures that the Click Bar 2022 feels even better in your hands and gives even more grip than in previous years. This year the Click Bar 2022 also has the ISO standard that guarantees the security of QR systems.

So far the upgrades compared to the previous Click Bar. There are of course also a number of things that did not need to be changed because they were already super good. For example, the Duotone Click Bar 2022 still has the best auto swivel available. With the Click Bar it is not necessary to manually twist your power lines apart. Thanks to the super good bearings and the rectangular PU depower cord, the power lines always automatically spin apart. This allows you to do unlimited kiteloops, backrolls, downloops and other awesome tricks without having your power lines twisted up to your kite.
The Iron Heart Quick Release system still works by pushing it away from you, creating a single flag out and your kite having no power. The Duotone Click Bar comes standard without a chicken loop. You can choose different chicken loop options for freeride, freestyle and wave. The freeride loop is the smallest chicken loop, if you don"t unhook this is the best option. If you do occasionally unhook, your best choice is a freestyle loop. When you are a dedicated waver rider and your spreader bar has a string, you go for the slider loop.

The Duotone Click bar 2022 is available in two sizes. The 42cm wide S bar with 20 + 2 meter lines. Generally suitable for kites of 9 meters and smaller. And the 49cm wide M bar with 22 + 2 meter lines, for 10 meters and larger.

Duotone has given the Click Bar 2022 the best upgrades in years. The new FLITE99 lines are stronger and give your kite a more direct feeling. With the new grip pattern you will never let the Click Bar 2022 go;)



  • 4 line bar 
  • Click S: 42cm 22m (20 + 2) 
  • Click M: 49cm 24m (22 + 2)
  • Depower on the bar
  • New SK99 lines
  • New grip
  • Adjustable high Y
  • Auto Swivel Complies with ISO standard
  • Upgradeable to 5 lines
  • Chickenloop and donkeydig excluded




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