Cedrus Classic Aluminum Mast w/ Lift adapter - Sizes Vary



The stiffness, strength, and compatibility of Project Cedrus now available on demand and at a much lower price. The aluminum mast has been engineered to bring the industry-leading stiffness and strength of Project Cedrus with only a small weight penalty. Featuring the same hydrodynamic profile, all adapters and mounts are cross-compatible between models. Add another length to your Cedrus quiver, learn to foil more economically and with much greater freedom and flexibility, or ride an aluminum mast without the worries of bending or hardware seizing thanks to stainless steel threads. The aluminum mast is made in the US, currently offered in a clear anodized finish, with adapters and mounts available in various contrasting colors.


These are sold as completes. Includes strong mount and Lift adapters

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