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Black Project Hydro Flow X Uncut Fixed Length

Completely reimagined design, a paddle unlike any other.

The most innovative and efficient paddle we carry. Unanimous praise from the Urban Surf Team for its ability to boost board speed, enhance paddle strokes, and save rider energy.

Radical design. Radical result. The Hydro Flow X paddle is unlike any other.

The neck of the blade features our innovative Advanced Flow Technology (AFT) design, which significantly increases paddle efficiency by reducing turbulence and unwanted blade movements.

The blade face features our Deep Power Scoop (DPS) with dihedral edges, delivering controlled power that works in harmony with our Advanced Flow Technology.

The combination produces a fluid paddle stroke which saves energy and increases forward thrust. The outcome? You paddle longer, faster and more often with the Hydro Flow X.

Speed Boost

Paddlers can expect a 3-5% improvement in speed and lap times when compared to the original Hydro, our fastest race paddle. Three seconds per kilometer in a 10K race shaves 30 seconds off an overall time. Not to mention, reduced fatigue allows late race bursts and more training sessions.

3D Paddling

“We designed the Hydro Flow X to work in a three-dimensional way as it moves through the water. This is a huge change in thinking and design. It will dramatically alter the way people think about and interact with their paddle.” — Chris Freeman, co-founder Black Project SUP

Strength to Weight

The Hydro Flow X’s redesigned blade offers massive structural strength, which allows us to optimize the use of carbon in certain areas, while still achieving an overall strength enhancement. Despite an increase in overall blade volume, the Hydro FlowX is our lightest and strongest paddle ever.

30-Ton Carbon

To reduce overall weight, we reworked our laminate layups with a mix of carbon and Kevlar pre-preg laminates. We also introduced 30-ton carbon – a strong but lightweight carbon that’s 25% lighter than our previous material.

Sizing Info

With blade size and shaft flex options to suit all padders there is a Hydro FlowX paddle designed for your specific needs.

Example weights:

Length (inches / cm) 77 / 196 74 / 188 71 / 180
Weight (oz / gr) 15.0 / 426 14.1 / 399 13.5 / 381

Size Chart:

Shaft Diameter (mm) STANDARD (29) STANDARD (29) STANDARD (29)
Actual Size (cm2) 568 530 491
Actual Size (in2) 88.0 82.2 76.1
Paddler Weight (KG) 80 - 100 70 - 90 60 - 80
Paddler Weight (lbs) 175-220 155-200 130 - 175

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