9'6" Bauer Surfboards Noserider Single Fin - Sanded

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Want some tip-time? Want to have that infinite glide yet snappy turns from the tail? Want a log that can handle ankle-scraps to overhead? If you answered yes, then this is the board for you.
"I have the same 9'6" Bauer Surfboard (with a few extra bells and whistles) and I can personally tell you that this is the board I grab 90% of the time. It is built for PNW longboard surf and is versatile enough that it can handle scraps to peeling overhead with ease."
- Ian at Urban Surf

Throw in a sporty, smaller, fin and watch that tail loosen up like magic. 

Plunk in a big D-Fin to add some drag and lift and you'll have toes to the nose in no time. 

With a classic green pin and fat stringer, this is the PNW longboard of your dreams. 


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