8'4" Bauer Surfboards Mini Mal 2+1

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MiniMals (or Mini-Malibu's) are one of the first shapes to come out of the Hot Generation "Transition Era" (1965-1970) in Malibu California. Inspired by traditional Malibu longboards, shapers like Bob McTavish, Skip Frye, and the lot, decided to shrink the boards, flatten the belly, give a little tail rocker, and began to downturn rails, completely changing the surfboard game. This shape was the progenitor to traditional mid-lengths and shortboards, bringing some design elements along from the longboard era, while slimming down the width to handle bigger surf and providing better pivot from the tail. 

Bauer has taken this classic shape and tweaked it for the PNW - keeping the majority of foam beneath your chest for easy paddle entry, adding a little tail flip to give you a little more speed, while keeping the nose wide for some 5's and 10's. 

MiniMals are the perfect beginner board and super fun for everyone. Lighter than a longboard, they travel easier, while still giving you the chance to catch ever wave thrown at you. 

Dimensions: 8'4" x 22" x 3 1/4"

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