6'2" S.I.C Raptor Wing Foil Board

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The Raptor shape has a more forgiving outline and better stability when not foiling. Three sizes give the first-time foiler lots of volume options to choose from, and the 6'2" size is a great intermediate option for those beginners ready to progress to a smaller size after taking a wing foiling lesson.



  • Complete Dimensions 6'2" x 31" x 130L
  • Weight 20 lbs / 9.1 kg
  • Max Riders Weight 265 lbs / 120 kg



  • Superfly x (SFX) construction for lightweight, durability, and performance
  • Full nose outline and straight tail rocker Providing stability while paddling and smooth lift-off
  • Rear foil placement and volume distribution for easy launching
  • Narrower foot strap placement for wing foiling and more dynamic turning
  • Double slotted fin box tracks for plate mount system for secure mounting of foil
  • Diamond-groove textured EVA deck pad for traction and grip Kicktail pad Assist with turning


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