The Cork Pop “air enhancement device” is the latest freestyle surf/skate minded wake design from Mike Olson. The defining design feature of the Cork Pop is a thick “corky” square tail block to maximize volume/float/power under the back foot creating speed and literally exploding out of the water when you pop off the lip. Complimenting the poppy square tail, the plan-shape is all about wake expansion with; a narrow overall width, long straight rail lines and a slash minded beaked nose. Rocker line is flat with a mellow concave cutting through it into a speedy PAD (Particle Acceleration Dish) concave and a bit of flip in the nose. A catch-free loose but precise chined rail flows into a hard fast edge out the tail. This board is meant to be ridden short and create effortless speed, precise carving allowing you to take your freestyle and air game to the next level. Pop the Cork!

A speedy twin fin set keeps this one fast and loose.
*Twin RRIP'S fin set included

Art by Ben Lardy

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Range
4'7" 19.2" 2.0" 22.8 cl 120-200 lbs

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