14' x 28" GLIDE Wood by Oxbow

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Featuring our authentic wood construction, the Glide series looks as good as the shapes perform. Excellent glide and stability combine to deliver smooth performance for touring your local waterway or setting out on more exciting excursions.

The nose shape has been refined for cleaner entry into the water, and a smoother penetration of chops and bumps. To add glide between strokes, the volume has been slightly increased from just behind the nose to the standing area.

Finally, the deck has been reshaped at the tail to facilitate better water drainage at the back of the board. The 2020 version of the Glide Wood delivers improved glide and stability, giving you more fun and less fatigue on all your outings and excursions.

14'0 28" 32.5 lbs 285 L C-TEC



GLIDE OXBOW 14'0 x 28" (CT) comes with:
• Ultimate touring boards for flatwater cruising and expedition paddling.
• Authentic Wood sandwich construction for durability, lightweight and a beautiful aesthetic.
• Deck attachment points (5x nose + 5x tail) for securing gear and accessories.
• Embossed EVA deck pad for added traction and comfort.
• Ergonomic carry handle for ease of transport.

Max rider weight: 240 lbs/110 kg

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