Posted on April 05 2019


Urban Surf is excited to announce Torq Surfboards as one of our newest surfboard suppliers! Just 7 years ago, Torq shared their first ever stronger, lighter, game-changing epoxy surfboard to the globe and since then have grown consistently with customers from Hawaii to the Outerbanks, Gold Coast to the Eisbach. Why? Well lets take a look at the components that are gathering surfers of all levels and areas to float across the water specifically on a Torq



From 2012 to now, Torq has been working with their factory to create a successful quiver for someone learning, progressing, or competing. Through this, they have created 5 uniquely different epoxy construction surfboards to choose from.

1. ACT (Advanced Composite Technology) is a new composite technology courtesy of Torq where they have pre-impregnated the glass fiber weave with resin and hardener under high pressure and high temperature resulting in the strongest laminate form possible. With this and their factories using a production system with less waste and more accuracy allows for an advantage in ACT boards ratio of flex/strength to weight. 


2. TEC (Torq Epoxy Composite) offers the most advanced epoxy layup to date using features such as a carbon filament stringer and deck patch for additional strength and ding resistance. These TEC boards are at the very top of the market for their strength to weight ratio. 


3. X-Lite is a molded epoxy technology that is stronger and more eco friendly than your traditional polyester surfboard. Making them in exclusively Channel Islands surfboards, specifically the POD MOD and the Chancho, X-Lite is lighter and stronger with a new shield skin that is 50% thinner and added features similar to the TEC such as some boards offering carbon stringers and deck patches for added strength and pop. 


4. TET  (Torq Epoxy Technology) is a revolutionary epoxy surfboard design featuring the latest in epoxy materials. Combining a lightweight epoxy foam core with biaxial fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, and Torq's unique shield skin, TET construction offers a lightweight/strong board with great flex and an incredible price point. In stock at Urban Surf!

5. Soft Deck Surfboards from Torq are spreading quick! Torq's soft tops are some of the strongest, most responsive soft top surfboards you'll find. From a similar core to the TET construction to adding an additional PE foam layer, these boards will take you anywhere, anytime. 

With so many different options to choose from you might find it easiest to stop by Urban Surf at 2100 N. Northlake Way in Seattle, Washington and talk to some of our most knowledgable sales staff to find the perfect Torq board for you! Come on by or call us at (206) 545-9463 for any questions or orders! 



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