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Posted on August 15 2020

Surfboard shaping is an art that many of us admire or maybe even try out from time to time, but mastering this art is wondrous. The Washington surf scene is and has been exponentially growing not just with surfers, but yes, these wondrous artists we call shapers. 

Making a table is cool, but finely tuning a craft to paddle and stand on a wall of moving water finding its sync to the texture of the oceans surface and performing paint brush like strokes across its canvas is....Nirvana? You could say surfboard shapers that surf are the God's or idols of our beloved sport/hobby/art, we'd agree. Regardless, we are ecstatic to now stock our board rack in the shop with a couple of Washington's finest artists in the surf world. 

Chris Bauer of Bauer Surfboards

With lots of shaping experience from central and southern California, Chris Bauer has quickly made a name for himself in Washington, more specifically Port Angeles by shaping and self-glassing anything from asym's to channeled performance twins, logs to mini logs. The guy can literally shape anything you ask him to without hesitation. Check out some of the boards he's shaped for our stock rack in the shop! 

chris bauer surfboards bauer surfboards

Parker Worthington of Teardown Surfboards 

Handcrafted in Seattle, Washington these Teardown Surfboards ride even cleaner than they look. Parker works with Brad at El Brado's Fiberglass to bring you some of the most perfectly handshaped PNW surfboards you've ever seen. With already popular models like El Camino and Pescado, these shapes are meandering their way through the surfers of Washington and beyond as we sit here reading...

Shop Teardown on our site or swing by to check them out! 
teardown surfboards teardown surfboards


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