Slingshot Phantasm Stabilizer 340 Turbo-Tail V1



Who It's For:

You ride a lot, and you are skilled at all tricks, transitions, big swell, and pumping. You are on the way to riding in a flow state. The Phantasm Stabilizer 340 Turbo-Tail is the right equipment selection at this journey stage. Following our Stabilizer Step Method will harmonize your equipment, body, and mind for new unlocked performance.

Package Includes:
Phantasm Stabilizer 340mm V1 (184 cm2)


Phantasm Stabilizer 340 Turbo-Tail extends the glide range with heightened speed and enhanced maneuverability. With compact engineering, this stabilizer prioritizes optimal ROLL control, enabling you to execute tighter hard-slashing turns with more ease and control. Its design ensures pitch stability, instilling confidence even when pushing a speed limit on a swell or under power. This stabilizer unlocks your favorite front wings' glide and turning capabilities, granting you more freedom and control over your ride.


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