Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND V3 Foil

$621.00 $1,276.00


With just 7-8 mph of speed you'll be up and cruising with the infinity 76cm hover glide wing! Forgiving for those learning and a great choice for experienced maneuverable riders, this foil is a great option that allows you to get up with just a few pumps and allows for amazing swell/wave riding as well as creating easily achievable foiling jibes. 

A self-stabilizing wing with downward force that helps prevent over-lifting for those higher speeds, the infinity 76 with the long 91cm mast is one of the most forgiving foils out there that will keep you in flight and off the water through errors/over-foiling, allowing you to correct and maintain speed, glide, flow, and most importantly, elongate your ride. 

With the Hover Glide system, you can easily change out wings, mast lengths, and fuselage lengths to change your type of riding through conditions or styles. 

FROM SLINGSHOT: The FWind V3 is the go-to setup for a seamless transition from windsurfing to wind foiling. Equipped with our crowd-pleasing Infinity 76 wing, the FWind package provides the versatility, range, performance and progression that backs our claim of calling this one of the best wind foil setups on the market.

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MAST SIZE: 35" (91cm)



BUILD: Mast and Fuselage = Aluminum  | Wings = Carbon

MOUNT: 4 hole pedestal

INCLUDES: 91cm mast | pedestal base | tuttle adapter | switch fuselage | Infinity 76 Front Wing | 42cm rear wing | hardware | shim | neoprene wing covers | custom travel bag



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