RinseKit Hot Rod Water Heater

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RINSEKIT’s new heater quickly and safely heats the water in a RinseKit to a comfortable shower temperature.

The Hot Rod plugs into a standard 12 volt vehicle accessory socket (cigarette lighter) with a cord long enough to reach to the back of an SUV. It has a built in timer and an auto shut off switch for safety.

The stainless steel heating probe screws into the drain plug hole of the RinseKit and does not need to be removed use after use. Now you can have a hot shower just about anywhere!



POWER: 12V DC Power Socket

CORD: 8' with Auto Adapter

TIMER: 30–60-90 minute

FEATURE: Automatic safety shutoff

INCLUDED: Heating Probe | Controller Plug | wrench | Thread Adapter | Instructions

BEST WITH: Rinse Kit Plus 2 | Rinse Kit Lux Soft Tote 3

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