Ride Engine Metal Slider Kite Spreader Bar 2020 - Sizes Vary



The 2020 Ride Engine Metal Slider Kite Spreader Bar means freedom for all you freeriders and surfers! The sliding spreader takes away that awkward twist and rise of your kite bar and offers a better feel rather than being fully hooked in. Reduce leverage in your bar and haver an easier, more comfortable toeside approach as well as redirections in the surf. Free your riding and commit to those turns with the slider spreader! 

Compatible with 2018 and newer Ride Engine harnesses. For more freestyle and twin-tip riding, check out the 2020 Ride Engine Fixed Hook Kite Spreader Bar

Watch Video below for setup instructions!

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ENTRY/EXIT: Speedlock Closure System


  • High strength Dynema rope connection.
  • Molded EVA with neoprene skin for chafe free comfort.



  • Rope connection that is optimal for directional riding, surfing, foiling and freeriding.
  • Easy to install and remove for rapid changes between spreader bar systems.
  • Precurved EVA molded spreader bar pad for increased comfort and harness integration.
  • Easy access Integrated hook knife pouch.

COMPATIBILITY: Ride Engine Harnesses 2018 and newer

SIZING: 8” (20.5cm) - 10” (25.5cm) - 12” (30.5cm)




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