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Urban Surf is a Lift Affiliate, we offer lessons and demos and will help you select your board on the Lift Foils website.

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As the creators of the original eFoil, Lift is the leader of this new sport. They've combined the modern technology of electric vehicles with a decade of hydrofoil design and expertise, creating an elegant and sophisticated ride that will blow your mind. The Lift eFoil has been in full production for over 6 years and has delivered over 10,000 units around the world! 

Urban Surf has been working closely with Lift Foils for over 5 years to provide the NW with the best foil boards on the market. We provide lessons for those looking to try one out before swiping their card for one of their own. These lessons have proven beneficial and fun to many who aren't sure if the eFoil is right for them as well as those who just want to try out this crazy new sport and product! 

Looking to buy a Lift Electric Foil? Having experience riding all the different size boards and foils, we can give you all the help and information you'll need to be sure you're buying the right setup and ensure you're using it correctly and safely!

Purchase your lesson here and be sure to leave your contact information to get on the schedule ASAP. For any other questions or concerns call Urban Surf at (206)545-9463 or e-mail . 

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