Futures Fins Tiller 10" Volan Longboard Fin

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Customize your ride with the timeless Futures Fins 10" Tiller Volan Longboard Fin. The Tiller is a modern spin on a classic favorite. With a large base for holding your line and a thinned tip for added responsiveness from rail to rail, the Tiller is a great template for your favorite mid-length, egg, log, bonzer or 2+1.


VOLAN FIBERGLASS - Volan coated fiberglass creates a stronger bond with the resin, increasing the fins flex memory, while resisting cracking and deformation, and giving Volan it's nostalgic and unique "coke bottle" green tint

FUTURES FOIL - Futures Fin foils are designed to move efficiently through the water, minimizing drag and maximizing glide between strokes


  • Height: 10.0"
  • Base: 7.9"
  • Area: 40.61"
  • Foil: Flat

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