Duotone Vario Combo Footpads 2020

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The DUOTONE VARIO COMBO FOOTPADS are compatible with all Duotone boards, from every generation.

Ergonomically shaped pads deliver a satisfying ride and cushy feel. Proven anti-slip features guarantee a firm grip.

Strap insertions and track system ensure that the strap's width and pad's stance can be easily mounted and adjusted. The advanced Velcro closure offers compatibility across a broad range of sizes, and is quick and easy to use.

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CONSTRUCTION: high quality velcro and mounts

ADJUSTABILITY: Strap Width and Length

MOUNTS TO: Duotone / North Slider track or standard inserts


FEATURES: ergonomic footpads | reinforced velcro

BEST FOR: Twintip Kiteboards






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