7'4" Bauer Spicoli Speed Egg - Colors Vary

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Surfing in the PNW requires a board that can handle a wide variety of waves - from small and fun to the big and fast. Few surfboard designs can handle this variety as well as a speed egg - a design that combines excellent wave catching ability with modern maneuverability and performance.

This classic speed egg features a moderately wide and continuous outline ending in a rounded tail, relaxed rocker, soft rails in front with harder rails in the rear and a simple flat bottom. This can be ridden as a thruster, 2+1 or if you want to throwback to the transition era, a nice flex single fin. 

With a wave range from small to overhead, this is a great design for a beginner to intermediate surfer, providing good paddling and wave catching, stability, speed and ease of turning. 

To get in early and spend more time playing on the wave, this speed egg is the answer!

Dims: 7'4" x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8"

Also available in 7'0" or 7'8"!

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