7'0" Firewire Sunday HE


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Who - The Sunday is suited for average to experienced surfers but would also work well as a higher volume board for beginners.

When - The Sunday likes average to good waves ranging from thigh to head + and everything in between.

What - The best thing about the Sunday is how it occupies both sides of the spectrum. Rob Machado rides both the 5’6 and the 7’0. This covers a lot of territory. The 5’6 is about six liters more volume than Rob would normally ride in a shortboard. And that’s the most important thing - size up your Sunday. Don’t be shy. Ride more volume and relax. If you want to draw out turns and flow, ride it as a single fin. You can set it up as a twin fin if you want to be liven it up. It’s a win both ways. Sunday is always fun.

SPECS: 7'0" X 21 1/2" X 3 5/8"

VOLUME: 53.76 liters

LAYUP: Helium EPS | Balsa | Paulownia (HE)

FINS: Twin / Single  FCS Fins boxes - fins not included

BEST FOR: 0-6 ft

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