6'2" Lib Tech LOST Quiver Killer

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Quiver Killer - Streamlined High Performance for everyday surf and more!

One LOST's most versatile and best selling models of all time. The Quiver Killer is exactly that… a perfect one board quiver.

A simple plan shape, minimalistic continuous curves and a forgiving rounded thumb tail. Enough volume and surface area to create speed and be free and easy in anything but the smallest “true grovel” surf. Rounded tail, smaller nose area and performance tuned rocker line keeps too much rail from being wetted at once in small surf and allows precision, control and ease of pocket power surfing in solid waves.

The Quiver Killer… a shot straight through the heart.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHAPER: This board is made by surfers / skaters/ snowboarders at Mervin Mfg. in Sequim, Washington USA using low waste techniques, recycled materials, and low VOC resins.

DEMO this and other LiB Surfboards for $30/ 1 day rental - good towards purchase of new LiB Tech waterboard from Urban Surf.

Get one at Urban Surf and share your Washington surf adventures on Social Media at #urbansurfNW!


LAYUP: Magnesium / Basalt | EPS/ EPOXY

FINS: 5 not included FCS compatable.

BEST FOR: all types of surf


5’8” 19.5" 2.4" 29.0 cl
5’10” 20.0" 2.5" 32.0 cl
6'0" 20.5" 2.6" 34.5 cl
6'2" 20.7" 2.7" 37.4 cl
6’4” 21.0" 2.8" 40.5 cl



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