The World of Wing Foiling / Wing Surfing in 2020

Posted on April 30 2020

Its a new year for wingsurfing, wingfoiling, winging, or whatever you like to call it and once again the gear around the world and what we carry in Urban Surf is changing and improving!

Last year we saw wing foiling take off not just in places like Maui and Hood river, but here in Washington as well. The most popular setup setup around these parts seemed to consist of the Duotone 5m Foil Wing paired with the 2019 Sky SUP Foil board and a sweet 2000 cm² foil from Fanatic. This combination was and still is a great entry to advanced level package for those getting into the foil wing game around the area here due to Seattle's consistent lighter winds and for extra float/ease of use.

Aside from just the Duotone Foil wing, all of our bigger sized wings were popular for many across the state! Many took to liking the 4.2m SlingWing for its great construction and grab handle designs as well as Naish's 4m WingSurfer for its portability especially if you're traveling and maintaining that wing addiction!

Last year was a crazy year for us Wingers but its in the past and 2020 is happening NOW with upgrades, changes, improvements, and riders having more experience! Starting off this year, Naish slammed its hand down with a whole new line of Wings and welcomed to the world the 2020 Naish S25 WingSurfer available in FIVE different sizes, THREE different colors, and featuring TWO large windows: 


Naish is keeping up with the demand of customers and pro-riders taking this sport to the next level. The new S25 wing is available in 2.8m, 3.6m, 4.6m, 5.3m and 6.0m. Feedback from last years model helped Naish create a stiffer, more solid canopy by increasing leading edge diameters and the canopy's profile depth. The Naish S25 Wing-Surfer stays true to its simple pump and go philosophy but gets better for 2020 with more sizes plus more power and performance to take the next step in the sport of wing surfing.

Interested in checking out the S25? Stop by the shop for more and for foil options to go with it! We carry the Naish Hover SUP Foil Board, a great overall SUP and wingfoiling board thats lightweight and pumps with ease! 

Speaking of Foil boards...the new Duotone SKY 2020 has been everyones radar this year with a sleek look and a new dropped ledge tail for better pumping. Strength, lightweight, and easier pumping than ever. 

With a concave deck, beveled rails, and the compact shape of the board, the Sky provides opportunity for powerful and harder turns making maneuverability easy while providing enough stability to paddle around. 

The shape is specifically designed for stable paddling and maneuverability when foiling. Capitalizing on small wave performance, the shorter length keeps the Sky SUP agile on even the smallest of waves and controllable underfoot on bigger, faster surf. The track mounted foil also allows for fine tuning in order to alter lift and different styled wings. 

But MOST importantly, lets talk foil before we go. For 2020 Urban Surf has to top pick options that have been lived up to our hopes and dreams. 

Fanatic's new line of surf foils are even more efficient than ever before. With options for different sized front/rear wings as well as fuselage lengths, you can take your Fanatic Aero foil anywhere and get all kinds of foilers on it. The Aero Foil 2500 Foil is known as the 'Big Boy's Foil" for bigger guys or just for someone who wants that extra lift. The 2500 foil is perfect for your SUP downwinding adventures AND wing foiling. 

Right up there with the Fanatic Foil is the 2020 Naish Surf Jet Foil 2000 that is lightweight, versatile, and stronger than anything we've ever seen. An aluminum mast and wings of carbon, the Naish Jet Foil Series is easily transferrable in sizes and comes with the Abracadabra quick plate connection, making it easy to hope in the water and start pumping that thing ASAP. 

This new design is optimized for downwind foiling and wingsurfing, but we also recommend it for small, gutless surf due to it’s impressive turning ability for it’s size. It features a higher aspect ratio for improved pumping and maximum glide time, and a refined section with reduced frontal area for speed, and a flatter profile than our pure surf wings. Compared to a more surf oriented wing, the Jet 2000 is more directionally stable yet still capable of carving turns for surfing.


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