Stand up Paddleboard (SUP) with us in Seattle, Washington!

Posted on September 22 2019

Hey there! Just the crew here from Urban Surf checking in to remind you that our job is to get you on the water MORE! We know that time (lack of time for some of you) spent on the water can be a crucial factor in our lives in terms of enjoyment, relaxation, thrill, therapy, and much more, so we're here to help give you options/suggestions on how to eliminate your boredom, excuses, errands, or whatever may be preventing you from enjoying the beautiful bodies of water that encompass our beloved Seattle. 

So lets get right into it with something you can do year round and close-by, Stand Up Paddleboarding AKA SUP. 

Here at Urban Surf we like to say SUP is LIFE, because well, it really is. SUP is a sport that might be ruled out as expensive, boring, tiring, or dull to some, but for us, SUP is something that involves everything we love about being on the water. It's a great way to; 

a. spend time with friends (or healthy alone time!)

b. explore lake/coastal areas you normally wouldn't see. 

c. get exercise! 

d. get away (from worries/troubles/problems/etc.)

Don't have room for this giant board? No problem! Inflatable SUPs are here, affordable, and BETTER THAN EVER! They are light, durable, and can be packed down into a small backpack (pictured above) making it a great option not just for those without room, but those looking for a compact gear to take with you on all your trips and adventures!

Paddleboarding is fun alone, but even better with friends so please JOIN US every summer for our Urban Surf Summer SUP Series! This series consists of a race every Wednesday evening featuring a long course and short course for those who want to race, or just paddle around with others and have some fun! 

Whether you're doing it alone, with friends, catching waves, or paddling on flat water, your SUP can get you out and away from all your troubles, problems, and worries, transform negative thoughts into positive, and just simply enjoy whats right in front of you (or beneath you)!

Interested in learning more about SUP'ing all year long in Washington? Come in and ask us about our summer races, rentals, or boards we have for sale!



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