Squamish B.C. Kite Trip Report

Posted on August 11 2018

Take a mild 3 hour drive north from Seattle and you'll will find yourself among quite the oasis. That is, if you enjoy epic hiking, gorgeous forests, and of course kiteboarding the vibrant blue waters of the Howe Sound. Still in awe of the beautiful drive along highway 99, we arrived in town in the afternoon with blue skies, the sun shining bright, and best of all, white caps. Just in time to rig up for last wind.

The drive to "The Spit" was simple, thanks to Canada doing a great job directing visitors like us with conveniently placed signs for windsurfing and watersports. However, the drive down the spit was also quite dusty and bumpy, so I'd recommend making sure all those windows are closed and hatches buttoned down before turning off the pavement. Our big old hunk of steel easily rolled along right up to exactly where we wanted to be. 

After letting the dog go for a swim we made our way down to the launch spot to take a peek at the launching zones, wind conditions and feel out the overall vibe at the Spit. Shocked by how impressively organized the setup was we couldn't help but appreciate the accessibility and  zone options in the Spits stress free environment. The season here is May to October and just $20 a day or $165 for the season will give you access to the carpeted area to rig, launch and land as well as jet ski support if you ever find yourself in trouble. In this carpeted area you will see there are rigging zones for both windsurfers and kiters equipped with air compressors. No need to break a sweat before your session! 

Due to the Squamish river pumping out some pretty cool water, I'd highly recommend a full 4/3 wetsuit as well as some booties to make your launch a bit more pleasant. I toughed it out because I like to be “cool” and also hate wearing booties. I quickly found that there's plenty of room for play in the water as well as various conditions. Inside of the spit you have the flat water, ideal for wakestyle riders or boosters who want to put on a show.

Upwind of the spit you will encounter the tide line against the outflowing river which will throw a crazy chop and out past that, clean sound chop that resembles a lot of what we tend to ride locally here in the Puget Sound. Mesmerized by the crystal blue water and the mountain ranges around you the Spit truly makes for an epic place to just ride, not to mention the wind!

The consistent wind that blows there reminds me of Jetty Island, but stronger! Windreadings from 22kt to 24kt up to 26kt on a typical day make it a great spot to progress your riding no matter your skill level. The added jet ski support adds comfort and confidence as an entry level rider to get out there and push yourself just a tad more.

Once you're feeling worn out and satisfied with your ride, just take a break and watch your fellow kiters jump around for you with a backdrop that is simply priceless. 

You can find a peaceful campground just a minute out of town, however I'd strongly recommend calling ahead to see if any spots are open if you plan on heading up on a weekend, even our weekday adventure seemed quite busy here at the Klahanie Campground.

All said and done, I would highly recommend making the drive to our friends up north. the beer is good, the wind is great, and the Canadian hospitality always present. A great spot in addition to our own Jetty Island and the drive south to Hood River. Your Summer kiting could be endless!! Now get your passport and get up there! ~~ MD"


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