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Posted on December 25 2019

     If you've been on an electric skateboard already you'll know the feeling when that slight thumb pressure on the controller gets those wheels spinning, the wind starts flowing through your hair, and your toes grip through your shoes into the deck under your feet. If you haven't been on an electric skateboard yet, it would be an understatement to say you're missing out. 

     E-skateboards have been flooding the skate market as we know it and the best way to deal with it is to get on one to see what the big fuss is all about.

     We've been carrying electric skateboards here at Urban Surf for 5 years now and take pride in working with companies that we feel make the best products and won't be some knock-off/terrible warranty story you hear across the web.

     Just as electric skateboards are growing and improving so is Urban Surf by welcoming Evolve Skateboards, the worlds top all terrain e-skate company that makes three different boards with various wheel kits for your specific style of riding. 

     The Evolve GTR is usually the one catches everyone's eyes with its 7" pneumatic all terrain tires and a "70's muscle car vibe". The GTR series comes in a Bamboo and Carbon All Terrain deck option for those who want an eco/classic look or that futuristic/lightweight feel.

     Both styles are equipped with a total of 3000 watts of twin brushless censored motors and the best quality 18650 lithium ion battery cells that keep you charged up to 19 miles! Pair this beast of a motor with Evolve's ultra smooth acceleration and responsive braking bluetooth remote and we'll see you on the other side of the mountain! For those who want something like the evolve but also want the option to ride it mostly on pavement, in a city, on the way to work, or wherever you're going that doesn't quite require the bigger off-road tires, the Evolve Street Conversion Kit will switch those wheels over for some more 'street' friendly riding and save the tread on those bigger tires for your muddy weekend outings. 

     The GTR Series is one of the sweetest rides in the world, yet many don't need a board to that extent with so many extra capabilities they might not even use. For the everyday skater, your route is through the streets to the building you work in or around campus, then the rest of the time you're carrying the board from class to class/office to office, so Evolve made a board for you specifically, the Stoke

     The Stoke is a classic surf inspired electric skateboard with that same beastly motor as the GTR's, but with a cruisy twist. The swallow tail kick provides both a locked in feel and increased maneuverability while the board maintains that high quality you see in all Evolve boards. The Stoke is lighter, smaller, more portable, affordable, and still loads of fun! 

     Whether you have questions on Evolve Skateboards or just electric skateboards in general, don't hesitate calling us at (206) 545-9463 or coming in to speak to our knowledgeable and experienced staff ANYTIME! We hope you have the chance to get on an electric skateboard soon and experience the fun yourself! 


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