Our 3 Favorite Spots to SUP (Stand up Paddleboard) in Seattle!

Posted on May 18 2020

Here in Seattle we are lucky enough to be surrounded by water and we wouldn't want it any other way! The more the better, doesn't matter if it's fresh, rough, salt, cold, or brackish bodies of water, we Seattleites don't discriminate and love it as is. 

Whether you're standup paddle boarding, prone paddling, swimming, kayaking, boating, floating, or whatever you do in the water the step after gathering gear is finding where to go! Yeah, yeah, you could just hobble down the street to your local spot you've already seen a million times but we are here to annoy, I mean CHALLENGE you to take that lunge further and break out of your aqua-comfort-zone.

Paddle somewhere new and experience something fresh with our three favorite SUP spots in the Seattle area! 


Greenlake, otherwise known as Lake Green easily made our top 5 for one HUGE reason. NO MOTOR BOATS are ALLOWED! Pretty rad right? Well aside from that Greenlake has more to offer like calmer waters due to these awesome trees that surround the entire lake, and.. well, awesome trees that surround the entire lake rather than staring at skyscrapers, highways, and cars. Kept as a natural preserve for trees and plants, expect to see more wildlife than usual at Greenlake as well as wild humans participating in activities like tennis, fishing, basketball, soccer, running etc. around the park. 

Salmon Bay 

Photo: Rob Casey - Salmon Bay Paddle

Its not photoshopped we promise! Salmon Bay is home to Seattle's only local surf spot, unique to tides and freighters that pass by on their way to and from Seattle or Tacoma at certain hours of certain days of the week you can not only paddle around this beautiful area, but you really can catch some fun knee high waves and imagine you're out on the coast for a brief moment. Waves or not, Salmon Bay is a magnificent spot for a paddle year around with unbelievable views of the Olympic mountain range and at least a few seal sightings you're guaranteed to free yourself of your busy city life the moment you feel that refreshing Puget Sound salt water run between your toes. Our good buddy and longtime customer Rob Casey is a well known and reputable Paddler in the Salmon Bay area that teaches great courses from beginner flat water paddling to SUP surfing or advanced downwinders! Everything and anything paddle boarding, Rob is the guy to know so check him out over at Salmon Bay Paddle

Lake Union - Gas Works Park

You knew it was coming, and we can't help it, but I mean look at this view of the city! You're kidding me! 

Not only do you get the best view of the city both day and night, but you get to be in the heart of Seattle. Party boats, sailers, yachts, couples, friends, family, tourists, locals, they all come to Lake Union, and you should too. Also, the worlds best surf shop is right across the street from the park! ;) All jokes aside, Lake Union is our favorite place to paddle and you're not just limited to Lake Union, but can easily make your way over to Portage Bay and see the UW campus leading into Lake Washington, or turn around and paddle underneath the Fremont Bridge towards the Ballard Locks! If you need to rent a paddleboard, we're right across the street and rent beginner to advanced boards all year long! 


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