NEW 2021 Duotone Unit Wing Foil

Posted on August 06 2020

The newest and coolest wing is here and available at Urban Surf. Before we dive straight into the present, let's look back on Duotone's wing foil past, starting with the original foil wing:

Duotone foil wing

The boom designed OG Foil Wing was a whopper, taking the world by surprise while questions arose to the new sport and what was to come. This wing was simply amazing. It worked for us at Urban Surf and for others across the world, but soon after, it was recreated, revamped, and redesigned into the 2020 Duotone Echo

Duotone Echo foil wing 2020

The Echo took what was amazing and made it work better, to be specific, it made it more efficient in lighter winds and various conditions. A draft control rope and increased canopy tension was added to make the wing structurally stiffer, improving control and tension.

While the Echo is claimed to be the most efficient and best performing wing on the market, there are many riders who either dislike and don't need the boom system Duotone's wings offer. Disadvantages of the boom pertain to more wave riding foilers, those looking for less weight, or even just one wanting a more simple setup/pack up that Naish, Slingshot, and others offer in their wings. So here we are:

Duotone Unit Foil Wing 2020 2021

The NEW Duotone Unit

A lightweight and simple boom-less wing that packs down small, making it perfect for riders who travel and value a straightforward, very stable setup with incredible drifting abilities. The EVA covered webbing handles mimic other wing approaches to a lightweight user friendly wing that's easy to hold and easy to fly. 

The Unit is lightweight and simple, its created to drift steadily and easily when de-powered, making it great for surf or downwinders. En ergonomically shapes center strut allows for better handling, giving you a closer to the body feel when needed and a steady loft off of the water. 

It's everything you've ever dreamed of, or had yet to dream of, without a boom but with the power and ease of a boom like wing, you'll be setup, on foil, and having the time of your life in the matter of minutes... 

Duotone Foil Unit wing

Duotone Unit foil wing


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