How to install your Duotone Quick Release

Posted on January 31 2024

How to Install you Duotone Quick Release

Duotone Kiteboarding is on the the Iron Heart VI now but the process of installing or swapping out your quick release, or chicken loop, has stayed relatively the same over the years. Matt walks through the steps at our retail store in Seattle.

Duotone Quick release Rope kit Seattle

Before you begin, you will want to select which Quick Release you will want for your riding style. Duotone offers 4 different styles but we only stock the 3 main types.

For most the Freeride is preferred as you have a smaller chicken loop that will bring the whole bar assembly closer to you. This will come with a short leash so no unhooking!


The Rope Kit is the go to for a rope slider harness and is used primarily by those who are foiling or riding a surfboard. This also comes with a short leash.


The Freestyle Kit is a bigger chicken loop that will allow you to unhook and hook back in easily for those extreme Freestylers or wakestyle riding! This will come with a long leash.


Once you open your kit, you will find the chicken loop and the chicken finger, if needed, as well as the tools insturctions. Lets get started!


First step, back out the retaining screw.

Quick release install rope kit seattle

Then, you will want to install Quick Release and line up the holes so that the screw can be inserted back in smoothly.

qr inserted seattle

Turn the screw back in until it is flush on both sides of the Iron Heart. Your Quick Release is installed and it is ready to go!


Before installing the Freeride or Freestyle kit, the chicken finger must be installed first.

Chicken finger install Seattle


Now get out there and rip it up!


If you want to watch Matt put this together check out our YouTube channel @urbansurfnw ! Thanks for reading through and if you have any questions you can always call into the shop at 206-545-9463 or swing through!




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