Duotone goes PLASTIC-FREE with Flexi-Hex

Posted on September 29 2019

EnvironMENTAL! If you didn't love Duotone Kiteboarding before, then you'll only be fighting it harder with the release of their newest, most environmentally friendly surfboard packaging yet! 

Duotone Flexi-Hex Urban Surf

Not only is it fun to say, but Flexi-Hex is a lightweight cardboard packaging system that is completely free of all plastic and foam you normally see in surfboard shipments! Plastic tape, plastic bags, styrofoam blocks, foam padding, and more plastic tape is the common packaging supplies we at Urban Surf are disappointed to see almost EVERYDAY when we get in a new order of boards, accessories, apparel...or honestly just about anything. 

"Its refreshing to see a company, after all these years, finally take this issue head on and...well, solve it. Hopefully they continue this with all their products and push other companies to do the same."-Matthew Dawson 

Aside from being plastic free, Flexi-Hex is even reusable for your next epic trip to La Ventana, Maui, or wherever your heart desires! If unpackaged correctly and carefully (which we, Urban Surf, vow to do for you) Flexi-Hex packaging will fit back on the board it came with and essentially any board within its size limitations. 

Click Duotone Kiteboarding surfboards here to check out their latest models and stop by Urban Surf for some Flexi-Hex before your Treks!


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