Choosing the right SUP for Spring 2024

Posted on April 14 2024

Whether you paddle board every day, indulge in competitive SUP sports, or are completely new to the world of SUPs, we got you covered. Paddle boarding itself is a great way to take advantage of the surrounding waters, from the lakes to the sound, in the greater Seattle area we are fortunate enough to have plenty of options. Similarly, at Urban Surf we have plenty of SUP options to pick from, this is the guide to picking the right one for you.

What to consider before buying 

-Whats your budget?

We carry a vast price range of SUPs, from $400-$3,400. Don’t let this range scare you away, the more specialized the board the more the price rises. As for our more budget friendly SUPs they tend to be easier to use and often come as package deals.

Aerail shot of Lake Union

-Where are you going?

Are you paddle boarding in Lake Washington, Lake Union, or even Lake Sammamish, or perhaps your going to the sound? And how far are you going? Are you going for 20-40 minute excursions for a little exercise, are you doing day trips and need room for a cooler or are you taking your trusty SUP on camping trips where you paddle for longer distances at a time? We have boards that vary based on where you are going.

-Skill Level

How’s your balance? Have you paddle boarded all your life, or are simply curious about the art of paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is truly for everyone, and based on your experience we have boards that range in skill level. Whether you have the best balance in the world and truly cannot be tipped over, or you’re a particularly wobbly person, we can cater towards you.

It is also good to note what type of weight you plan to have on the board and choose the right volume. Maybe you are going to be carrying dry bags full of gear or have a large dog on board with you, figure out what the boards weight limit is!

-What are you going to do?

There is so much you can do in the world of SUPs, here is a list of the different SUP activities we cater  towards and what you need to know. 

All around- This type of SUP is especially good for beginners, your dog, kids and other family members can do a wide range of activities on this board. These boards, like the NSP Cruiser, tend to be the most stable and have the standard round look everyone thinks of when they think of SUPs.

Touring- This type of SUP is for your long adventures, these boards tend to look the most different from your average SUP, they are generally more narrow and have a pointed nose to allow the board to cut through the waves, and direct the water to the sides. Check out the SIC Okeanos for example

Inflatable- With their lighter characteristics, and compact-ability, these boards are good for on the go. They compact to the size of large backpack making trips down to the water easier than the standard fiberglass SUP. Good for all members of the family, inflatable SUPs are made out of a durable PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) with drop-stitch technology. Red Paddle Co is leading the industry and for good reason!

Surf- Generally SUPs glide on the surface of flat water, whereas surfboards need to go with the waves. Therefore Surf SUPs tend to have a more drastic rocker shape, a tighter rail line, and more fin boxes making them maneuverable on waves. While Surf SUPs have a similar length to that of an all around SUP, they cater towards catching and riding waves rather than gliding over top of them. The Starboard Wedge is great for most wave riding conditions on the Washington coast.

Race and Downwind- This kind of SUP is designed to be the fastest, and most efficient when gliding through the water. They are generally much longer and narrower than your average SUP however, this can cause them to be on the wobbly side. Newer race shapes can make the transition to a Race or Downwind board easier. Take the new Gen R for example from Starboard.


While Inflatable Sups have proven to be the most durable from impact some often feared that they might pop or leak over time. This is not case anymore with the rails being welded together (Starboard welded rails) and top and bottom layers using fusion technology.(MSL from Red Paddle Co)


Whether you are on the go, keep it in your car, or simply do not like the awkward ways to carry an average SUP, leaning towards a Inflatable SUP might be the right choice for you. They are easy to set up and the most portable option we carry. Each Inflatable SUP comes with a bag and its own pump.

-Here is a list of all the SUP Brands that we carry  

- S.I.C.

- Starboard

- Surftech


- Fanatic

- Red

- Slingshot

-Deals and Packages

We also carry a variety of both used SUPs and SUPs that come with leashes and paddles as a package.



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