XCEL Men's Infiniti Comp X 5.5/4.5mm Hooded Fullsuit



The NEW Infiniti Comp X features a watertight X2 front entry system and TDC Thermo Dry Celliant, Xcel’s warmest wetsuit lining ever.

TDC's clinically proven Smart Fiber Technology recycles your body heat into infrared energy for maximum warmth and enhanced performance.

Comp X = Revamped neoprene made from Japanese Limestone that gives the 2017 XCEL Infinity Comp X wetsuit a softer and smoother feel. Stop by Urban Surf and try one on today!




THICKNESS: 5.5/4.5mm

RUBBER: Japanese Limestone


ENTRY: Chest

ZIPPER: Waterproof with magnetic closure

LINING: Fast drying V Foam


KNEE PADS: Duramax | Back Knee Flex Grooves

FEATURE: TDC* Infared Insulation

BEST FOR: 32 to 50 degrees

COLOR: Black



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