Xcel Axis Smart Fiber Wetsuit Top 1/0.5mm



The XCEL AXIS SMART FIBER WETSUIT TOP features SuperStretch neoprene 1mm body and 0.5mm upper sleeves, plus Smart Fiber 4-Way Stretch under sleeves for better athletic performance.

Celliant’s clinically proven, mineral enhanced Smart Fibers convert body heat into infrared energy for better circulation, core temperature regulation, and increased tissue oxygen levels, enhancing endurance and speeding recovery.

Adjustable waist with a SmoothSkin seal, Loop It Or Lose It! tie loop, and elastic cord/cinch for the ideal fit.



THICKNESS: 1/0.5 mm

RUBBER: Smooth Skin neoprene

SEAMS: Flatlock

BEST FOR: 70 to 80 degrees



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