Womens Psycho Tech TB3 Chest Zip Full with Hood Wetsuit

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The Oneill Psycho Tech TB3 Chest Zip Full with Hood Wetsuit for Women --- Most customers who try it on buy one sight-on-scene due to superior comfort and fit.

NEW TB3 Technobutter 3 features a softer feel from cordoroy-like internal texturing designed to increase surface area for added warmth + wick more water away.

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THICKNESS: 5.5/4mm

RUBBER: Technobutter 3

SEAMS: Single Fluid Seam Weld

LINING: TB3-Air Firewall neoprene

ENTRY: Chest

KNEES: Krypto knee pads

FEATURE: Fuse 360 Barrier with drainholes

TEMP RANGE: cool to polar

Item # 5030



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